Girls Gone Hypnotized

Relationship Troubles

When Mandy tells her friend Damien that she's been sleeping with his girlfriend, he's in total shock. After taking a few moments to gather his thoughts, Damien suggests that he hypnotize Mandy into getting rid of those romantic feelings. She thinks Damien is desperate and delusional, but out of guilt, she agrees to let him try and hypnotize her. Mandy is instructed to focus on a candle as she is relaxed down into a trance. Mandy enters a state of deep hypnosis, and Damien finds that she is extremely suggestible. With a blank face, Mandy does and says exactly what she is told to. The temptation is too strong for Damien to ignore, and he turns Mandy into his little love slave.

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19 minutes, 44 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mandy is hypnotized when she's told to focus on the flame of a candle.
  • Mandy counts herself down into a hypnotic sleep. While she is under, her friend feels up her sleeping body.
  • Mandy stares off in daze and chants the mantras she is given.
  • Made to sleepwalk back and forth through her living room. Remains in a trance as she repeats her mantra.
  • Mandy is put into a hypnotic sleep while standing up. Her body is inspected and felt up.
  • Mandy submits herself completely while under hypnosis. Kneels before her master and bows down repeatedly.
  • Mandy is made to sit next to her master and caress his body with a smile on her face.
  • Mandy is put back to sleep and her legs and feet are touched.
  • She is brought out of trance briefly and becomes irate when she sees her legs in his lap. Snapped back into trance, then immediately begins dancing on his lap.
  • Made to change into a baby outfit that says "I love Daddy".
  • Sits on her master's lap and repeats "I love when you touch me Daddy, I'm under your control".
  • Must sleepwalk back and forth while repeating "Daddy has hypnotized me".
  • Goes to her hands and knees and crawls across the floor to her master. Tells him that she will do anything he wants her to.
  • When Mandy is brought out of trance, she has a new attitude towards Damien and finds herself extremely sexually aroused.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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