Girls Gone Hypnotized

Riley the Hypnotized Ex

Riley comes home to find her ex boyfriend waiting for her in her apartment. She is livid and has told him countless times that they are through. But today is different because Riley is getting hypnotized against her will to do whatever her ex tells her to do. Riley turns out to be very susceptible to hypnosis and easily goes into a deep trance. Her ex becomes her master, and she mindlessly obeys. She is forced to carry out his erotic commands while in a trance, and experiences an attitude adjustment when woken up.

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16 minutes, 10 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a pocket watch.
  • Stands in a hypnotic sleep, head slumped forward. Repeats back the programming she receives.
  • Must refer to her ex as "master".
  • Remains standing in a hypnotic sleep while she is inspected, and her boobs and ass are felt up.
  • Riley walks around the room with her arms stretched out, like a zombie, and repeats mantras while blank and mindless.
  • Riley is made to dance for her master. She is told to put her hands together above her head and move her hips. She remains in a trance and repeats her mantras.
  • Put back into a standing sleep and felt up.
  • Riley is made to issue a mindless apology for being so rude to her ex.
  • Made to remove her dress.
  • Riley is woken out of her trance, but now has a different attitude. She is warm and caring, and asks to be taken back by her ex. She gives him a shoulder rub and tells him how good things could be.
  • Put into a hypnotic sleep laying down. Limp body is played with.
  • Her submissiveness is enforced while she is in her hypnotic sleep.
  • Must sleepwalk in her bra and panties and bare feet while chanting her mantra.
  • Brought out of her trance. Riley crawls towards her master and kneels before him. She tells him that she wants him to take her back.
  • No nudity.
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