Girls Gone Hypnotized

Rookie Cop Kody Evans

Rookie cop Kody has been dispatched on a noise complaint call. It was reported that women have been seen entering the room in a daze, and then can be heard saying "yes master" and "I'm a good girl". Officer Kody takes a look around and finds nothing, but doesn't like the vibe she's getting from the guy. He takes Kody's hat off, throws it across the room, then touches her forehead. Officer Kody's expression goes blank. She's now ready to obey commands. Officer Kody is turned into a sexy stripper in her police uniform. Her body is her master's toy now.

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13 minutes, 31 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Officer Kody is mind controlled with magic powers. The man taps her forehead and red rings appear at his finger tips, putting Kody into a trance.
  • Officer Kody is thrown onto the bed and groped while she mindlessly chants mantras.
  • Officer Kody is made to believe she is just a sexy stripper in a cop's uniform.
  • Snapped out of her trance. Kody becomes very embarrased and scared at her current situation.
  • Mind controlled again, then ordered to walk like a zombie and chant mantras while naked.
  • Officer Kody's trance is deepened. (2 times)
  • Made to get on her hands and knees on the bed and present herself to her master.
  • Officer Kody is fucked from behind while she remains entranced. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)
  • Officer Kody is put back into her uniform, and her memory of all that has happened is erased.
  • Full nude.
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