Girls Gone Hypnotized

Shae Under a Spell

Shae's husband has trouble getting her to dress sexy and do her wife duties around the home, so he uses a magic recorder to get what he wants out of her. The hypnotic melody from the recorder puts Shae into a trance, and while under it's spell, she will do anything he tells her to do. Shae learns how a perfect wife should look and behave.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Shae is put into a trance when she hears a hypnotic melody.
  • Mindlessly obeys commands. Answers "yes master" when told to do something.
  • Sits in a trance while her feet are played with.
  • Sleepwalking while chanting mantras.
  • Changes into a sexy dress for master.
  • Kneels before her master while in a trance and chants, "a wife must obey her husband".
  • Limp body is played with while in a hypnotic sleep.
  • Shae wakes up on the floor and is furious. She yells at her husband for putting her in a "slutty" dress. Shae is entranced by the hypnotic music again.
  • Shae says "a wife obeys her husband", then proceeds to give him a hand massage.
  • Commanded to pull up her dress and remove her bra. Shae lays back, remaining in trance, while her master rubs her bare feet.
  • Shae is told to put on her heels. She walks mindlessly like a zombie and repeats her mantra.
  • Stands mesmerized with her tits out of her dress, repeating back her programming on what a good wife does around the house.
  • Barefoot.
  • Topless.
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Shae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a SpellShae Under a Spell

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