Girls Gone Hypnotized

Signal to the Brain

Brittany catches her boyfriend cheating on her, for the third time now, and she's told him they're through. He's not too worried though; he has a modified TV remote that sends a signal to Brittany's brain, increasing her arousal levels towards him. With the remote, he increases her arousal in stages, and she finds it impossible to leave him now. Brittany goes from angry, to flirty, to sexually aggressive, to desperate and begging, and then finally naked and getting fucked (simulated only, no real sex or male nudity).

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14 minutes, 43 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • A modified remote is used to control Brittany's attitude. Each time the button is pressed, the intensity of her arousal is increased.
  • 1st time - Brittany begins to walk back on her threats to leave her boyfriend. She tells him how sexy he is and remembers happy times together.
  • 2nd time - Brittany is compelled to seduce her boyfriend. She forces his hand to grope her body. Takes off her clothes. Tits are fondled. Brittany is aroused while being spanked and choked. She rubs her boyfriend's dick.
  • 3rd time- Brittany begs her boyfriend to take her back. She tells him that she is his sex toy and will do anything he wants. She begins touching herself while begging to be taken back.
  • 4th time - Brittany strips nude and rides on her boyfriend's dick. She calls him "master" and tells him she is his dirty slut. She talks dirty and moans while being fucked. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)
  • Full nude.
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