Girls Gone Hypnotized

Spiral Eyes Hypnotize

Rachel and Alisha are friends who are after the same man. Now that they've let a man come between them, things have gotten hostile. Alisha resorts to buy a pair of hypno glasses, that when worn, can hypnotize anyone who stares deep into them. Alisha uses the glasses on Rachel to, not only make a fool of herself to the guy they are fighting over, but also to make Rachel her mindless slave.

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13 minutes, 02 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Alisha hypnotizes Rachel by making her stare into her spiral glasses.
  • Rachel answers "yes master".
  • Rachel repeats Alisha's programming while in a trance, and in a robotic monotone.
  • Alisha makes Rachel say disparaging things about Kenny. She records it and sends it to him.
  • Rachel walks like a zombie and repeats whatever phrase Alisha gives her. She is programmed to stay away from Alisha's man.
  • Rachel stands in a trance. Alisha strips her down to her bra and panties.
  • Alisha strips to her bra and panties and makes Rachel take a series of sexy pictures with her.
  • Alisha removes Rachel's bra and gropes her tits.
  • Rachel kneels before her master and repeats the mantras she is given.
  • Rachel strips nude and sleepwalks through the room chanting her mantra, while Alisha watches on.
  • Alisha puts on the glasses once more, and re-enforces her control over Rachel.
  • Alisha - no nudity. Rachel - full nude.
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Spiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes HypnotizeSpiral Eyes Hypnotize

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