Girls Gone Hypnotized

Statue Mode

Kiara has finally met a wonderful guy on her online dating service. After their first date, Kiara comes by his home to talk and hang out. He is charming, has great manners, and talks to her with respect. Kiara tells him that she is so lucky to finally meet a guy who isn't a creep. Little does she know though, she is being manipulated and mind controlled with a remote control. Each time her date presses a button on the remote, Kiara immediately stops talking, stands in the middle of the room, and poses as a statue. She remains in her pose until the button is pressed again, at which point Kiara sits down with no memory of what just happened. Kiara's poses and facial expressions can be selected with the remote control, which even has a function that makes Kiara pull out her bare boobs for her date to admire.

Full Download Details:
08 minutes, 11 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kiara is instantly put into statue mode 6 separate times during conversation. When the remote is pressed, Kiara stops talking and immediately stands in the middle of the room in a pose until the remote is pressed again. Different camera angles and close-ups.
  • Facial expression is manipulated with the remote.
  • Kiara pulls her dress up in one of her poses. Her date stands up and runs his hands over her bare chest.
  • Kiara is forced to climb on top of her date on the final remote input.
  • Kiara has no memory of standing up and posing once she is returned to her normal state.
  • Topless nudity.
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