Girls Gone Hypnotized

Stella and Kiara Under Hypnosis

Kiara's ex boyfriend doesn't appreciate how he was dumped and just dismissed like he was nothing; and he's pretty sure that her sister Stella played a role in the break up as well. So today he confronts the sisters in their apartment and makes them look at a special phone app - a spiral that hypnotizes the viewer. Both sisters go into a trance and mindlessly follow any command. He makes them call him "master" and establishes some new dynamics of their relationship with him.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized when they are shown a spiral on a phone.
  • The girls repeat back their commands in a monotone voice.
  • Must say "yes master" when given commands.
  • Stand at attention while their boobs are felt up.
  • Sleepwalk in circles as they repeat their mantra.
  • Both girls stand next to each other as they are frozen and repositioned by their master.
  • Kiara kneels before her master and removes her top. She repeats her mantra over and over while her bare chest is felt up.
  • Stella is ordered to sleepwalk and repeat her mantra while her sister has her tits felt up.
  • Kiara is put into a hypnotic sleep.
  • Stella stands in a trance and repeats back the phrases she is given.
  • Stella is made to go to her knees and repeat her mantra as she is felt up.
  • Both girls are in a hypnotic sleep while their bodies are played with.
  • Kiara is forced to stare into the spiral while she repeats her final programming.
  • Barefoot.
  • Stella - no nudity.
  • Kiara - topless nudity.
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