Girls Gone Hypnotized

Strike a Pose

Lysette meets an interesting man at her hotel bar. She continues the conversation up in his room. She is very passionate about her job in animal forensics, and she is excited that he is willing to listen. But he is actually more interested in using Lysette as a guinea pig for his company's mind control remote they want to bring to market. He still needs to test out the remote's freezing and posing capabilities before the tech conference tomorrow morning, and now he has the perfect opportunity to do so.

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08 minutes, 55 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • A remote is used to pause Lysette's mind and make her go into a random pose. 4 times.
  • While she is posed, she can be moved and placed into new poses. When she is unfrozen, Lysette can't remember what just happened while she was frozen.
  • As she continues to be posed and unposed, Lysette becomes increasingly confused and irritated.
  • The remote leaves Lysette in a robotic state. Her mind goes blank and she recites her programming.
  • No nudity.
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