Girls Gone Hypnotized

Taking Advantage

Mandy sees a hypnotist about getting over her nerves during job interviews. She has a big interview coming up and she doesn't want to blow it. The hypnotist has Mandy close her eyes and he helps count her down into a deep trance. Once Mandy is hypnotized, however, the temptation to take advantage of her is too strong to resist. He makes Mandy call him "master", and feels up her chest, legs, and feet. Mandy is turned into a sleepwalker and a mannequin before he brings her out of trance. Mandy remembers everything she was made to do under hypnosis, but she realizes that she actually enjoyed being hypnotized and controlled by him. She then asks him to be put back under so she can continue being his slave.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Taken into hypnosis by closing her eyes and counting herself down into deep relaxation.
  • Trained to trust the hypnotist fully. Obeys all of his commands.
  • Made to refer to him as "master".
  • Repeats back her commands and mantras throughout.
  • Frozen and posed.
  • Sleepwalking/zombie scenes.
  • Puts her legs in her master's lap. Heels removed, bare feet played with.
  • Brought out of trance remembering everything she was made to do, but she realizes that she likes being hypnotized and controlled. Asks the hypnotist to put her back under.
  • Chest felt up while under.
  • Made to believe she is a ballerina.
  • While under hypnosis, professes how much she loves being hypnotized.
  • Kneeling and worshiping.
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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