Girls Gone Hypnotized

Taykae and Mia Brainwashed

Mia has hired a new dog sitter for her and her boyfriend's dog. He asks Mia how old she is and if she's hot. This of course bothers Mia, but that doesn't matter because he has a pair of hypno goggles that Mia will be wearing. The goggles make Mia mindless and completely submissive. Once she is brainwashed by the goggles, he instructs her to hypnotize Taykae by making her stare into her eyes when she arrives. Mia obeys and puts the unsuspecting girl into a trance. Mia programs Taykae to obey him, so they now both serve the same master. Two hypnotized girls are better than one, he figures, so now it's time to test out his new slaves.

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16 minutes, 41 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mia is brainwashed by a pair of "hypno goggles". Her arms stretch out in front of her and she begins to chant various mantras.
  • Taykae is hypnotized when Mia forces her to stare into her hypno goggles.
  • Mia gives Taykae her programming, which she repeats back while in a trance.
  • Both girls must answer "yes master" when given commands.
  • Taykae and Mia are made to kneel before their master and chant their mantra in unison.
  • Both girls are made to sleepwalk in a circle together and chant "I am hypnotized".
  • Mia pulls down Taykae's top and presents her tits to their master.
  • Taykae chants her mantras as Mia caresses her shoulders and hair.
  • Taykae walks back and forth with her arms at her side and her tits out. She repeats her mantras as Mia waits silently in a trance.
  • Taykae is made to model various poses, changing her pose every time her master snaps his fingers.
  • The girls are made to help undress each other while remaining in trance.
  • Both girls sleepwalk naked and chant their mantra together.
  • Mia's glasses are removed and she wakes up. She is furious to find that they are both naked and she has no idea what is happening.
  • The glasses are pushed back over her eyes and she goes into a trance again.
  • Both girls stand in a trance side by side, then crawl towards their master when he snaps his fingers.
  • Both girls full nude.
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