Girls Gone Hypnotized

Taylor Put Into Statue Mode

Taylor finds out that her boyfriend has been trying to hook up with one of her close friends. She tells him to get out of her home, but he has a better idea. Taylor's boyfriend uses a remote control to make her stand in the middle of the room like a statue. She has no thoughts or awareness, she can only stand in her pose and hold whatever form she's placed in. The remote is used to return her back to her normal state of mind, but she has no idea what is going on. Every time she gets out of line, the remote is used to put her right back into her statue mode. As the event unfolds, Taylor ends up with less and less clothes, and even more confused than before.

Full Download Details:
11 minutes, 35 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Taylor is instantly put into statue mode 5 separate times during conversation. When the remote is pressed, Taylor stops talking and immediately stands in the middle of the room in a pose until the remote is pressed again.
  • While Taylor is in her pose, she can be repositioned like a mannequin. Her clothes are removed and she is felt up by her boyfriend.
  • Taylor stripes completely naked on one of her poses.
  • Taylor is forced to climb on top of her boyfriend on the final remote input.
  • Taylor has no memory of standing up and posing once she is returned to her normal state.
  • Full nude.
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