Girls Gone Hypnotized

Teaching the Teacher

Aria is an elementary school teacher who is home grading papers and answering emails. She receives an email from a boy's father, who has made inappropriate comments to her during parent/teacher conferences before. The email has a video attachment, which is a spiral with a strange, electronic voice over top. The longer Aria stares into the spiral, the more blank her mind becomes. As Aria becomes hypnotized by the video, the voice programs her open mind. She becomes nothing more than a mindless slave, and her master is on his way to her house to take possession of his new toy.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Aria is hypnotized by a spiral and an electronic voice that she receives in an email
  • Her face goes blank and she repeats her programming while captured by the spiral
  • Aria obeys the program and begins sleepwalking through the room while repeating her mantra
  • Her master arrives at her home to control her in person
  • Stands entranced while repeating the commands she is given
  • Becomes a mannequin and is posed as her master sees fit
  • Made to go upstairs and find a sexier outfit to wear
  • Must show off and model her new outfit for her master
  • Turned back into a mindless sleepwalker
  • Believes that she is a cute cat and crawls on the floor while purring and cleaning herself
  • Brought out of trance confused and angry
  • Put back under with the snap of a finger
  • Stands in her "hypnotized zombie" pose and receives her commands
  • Sits in a daze and repeats the phrases she is told to say
  • Bare feet are briefly inspected
  • Tells her master that she will not let her husband know what they do together
  • No nudity
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