Girls Gone Hypnotized

Three Girls, One Spiral

Jennifer, Ellcee, and Cali are all tricked into showing up at a guy's house who they met on a dating app. They all arrive at the same time, and begin to realize he brought them there together intentionally. The man puts a spiral on the TV and hypnotizes all three women at the same time. They are so deeply mesmerized that spirals can be seen spinning in their eyes. He has fun ordering his slaves around in a mindless state, then programs them to be excited to all go on a date with him together.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • The girls are hypnotized simultaneously by a spiral on the TV.
  • Spirals can be observed spinning in each girl's eyes.
  • Repeat their programming while locked on the center of the spiral. Their arms raise out in front of them in a sleepwalking pose.
  • Jennifer is woken up while the other girls remain deeply entranced. She is programmed to want to continue her date, and be fine that the other girls will be joining as well.
  • Cali walks like a zombie while chanting "Master is so attractive, I will obey".
  • Ellcee is programmed deeper while remaining in a trance.
  • Ellcee is snapped out of trance briefly. She sees that Jennifer and Cali are in a trance and unresponsive to her.
  • Ellcee is put back into a trance, and made to kneel and recite mantras.
  • Jennifer and Cali are posed like mannequins while frozen in a trance.
  • All three girls are woken up after being programmed to be excited for their "group date" with their master.
  • No nudity.
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Three Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One SpiralThree Girls, One Spiral

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