Girls Gone Hypnotized

Tiffani Trapped by the Freeze Remote

Tiffani's boyfriend catches her having lunch with her old ex, so he carefully plots out his revenge. He modifies the TV remote to freeze Tiffani whenever she tries to use it. While she is frozen, her boyfriend places her into different positions and alters her clothing. He has another separate remote that he uses to unfreeze Tiffani from another room. This process continues until Tiffani is left very confused and frustrated. After some time, Tiffani's boyfriend blatantly uses his remote to freeze and unfreeze her, right in front of her face, and begins taunting her by holding her underwear for her to see. He reminds Tiffani of the nice lunch date she had with her ex, then continues to play with her in her frozen state.

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17 minutes, 40 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Tiffani unknowingly freezes herself with a modified TV remote that her boyfriend left for her to find.
  • While Tiffani is frozen, she can be moved and repositioned without being aware of what is happening. To her mind, time has stopped.
  • After being repositioned a bit, Tiffani's boyfriend unfreezes her from the other room.
  • Tiffani is confused, but freezes herself with the TV remote again as she attempts to watch her show.
  • Her boyfriend continues to pose her frozen body while she sits on the couch.
  • Unfrozen again from the other room. Tiffani is more concerned this time, but manages to freeze herself for a third time.
  • Her boyfriend poses her once more, then unfreezes her while remaining in the room.
  • As she's explaining to her boyfriend that something is wrong, he freezes her with his other remote.
  • Tiffani's clothes are altered as she is frozen and unfrozen several more times, becoming more aggravated now as she discovers that it is her boyfriend who's been messing with her all along.
  • Tiffani is eventually stripped naked and placed into various positions.
  • Left home alone, frozen like a statue.
  • Full nude.
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