Girls Gone Hypnotized

Two New Sluts

Mandy is interviewing Jennifer for the position of her personal assistant. During their interview, the second girl up for the job, Quinn, shows up for her appointment early. Mandy decides to interview the two rivals together, and an argument between the two breaks out. Mandy can't take any more of their shit and explodes on them. She figures now is as good a time as any to reveal her true intentions. Mandy is looking for not only a personal assistant, but a hoe who will fuck for money, and she thinks she just found the two perfect candidates. She makes them watch a pocket watch and hypnotizes both of them. Jennifer and Quinn go into a deep trance and they are both programmed to obey Mandy as their mistress. If Mandy is going to pimp out her two new sluts, she needs to first examine their naked bodies and see if they are both capable of mindlessly obeying any command she gives them.

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24 minutes, 04 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Jennifer and Quinn are both hypnotized at the same time by a swinging watch.
  • Both girls go into a trance and repeat every command their Mistress Mandy gives them.
  • Made to kneel before their mistress as she touches and examines their bodies.
  • Both girls made to remove their tops.
  • Mandy feels up the girls' naked breasts as they stare off in a trance.
  • The girls are made to sleepwalk in circles while chanting "I am under your control mistress".
  • Quinn is fondled by Mandy while Jennifer continues to chant her mantra.
  • The girls are made to stand in the middle of the room and remove their shorts.
  • The girls must remove each others underwear.
  • The girls are made to kiss each other while remaining in a trance. Mandy caresses their bodies.
  • The girls sit next to each other naked while Mandy gives them their sexual programming. Trains them as sluts who will fuck for money.
  • Both girls sleepwalk naked through the room while chanting "we are your submissive sluts".
  • Mandy - no nudity.
  • Quinn and Jennifer - full nude.
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1920 x 1080
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Two New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New SlutsTwo New Sluts

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