Girls Gone Hypnotized

Unfriendzoned 3

Jennifer has a really good guy friend. She loves everything about him, but doesn't want to date him. Why date him, when she gets treated like a princess without having to put out? But things change suddenly when he shows her a magic crystal that casts a love spell over her. The crystal mesmerizes Jennifer and now she can't resist throwing herself at him. She is desperate to get out of her clothes and pleasure herself with his body. Jennifer's heart now belongs to him for as long as he wants her.

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13 minutes, 45 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Jennifer falls under a love spell when she is shown a magic crystal. Her attitude and feelings towards a guy she friendzoned start to gradually change.
  • After seeing it for the first time, Jennifer begins to realize she wants a boyfriend like him.
  • Upon being shown the magic crystal a second time, Jennifer's attraction to him intensifies. She asks if she can come inside his apartment.
  • Jennifer flirts and becomes extremely sexual, eventually stripping out of her clothes completely.
  • She gets on all fours and presents her pussy to him. He slaps her on the ass as she moves her hips.
  • Simulated sex scene - camera on bottom. (no real sex, or male nudity)
  • Jennifer is shown the crystal a final time. She focuses on it while saying she belongs to him forever.
  • Full nude.
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