Girls Gone Hypnotized

Veronica Hypnotized

I must say, the park in my neighborhood has proven to be a great place to meet hot women on their lunch break and this time is no exception. Veronica was waiting on her friend to arrive when I intercepted her and placed her into a hypnotic trance. Once I got her nice and submissive, I reinforced my control over her by having her verbalize her obiedience to me throughout the entire encounter. She sounds extremely sexy when she says things like, "control me, master" and "I will obey you". I have her following me through the woods, obeying my every command along the way. When I can't take watching her sexy little body carry out my instructions any longer, it's time to wrap things up and get her back to my house for some off-camera fun.

Full Video Details:
12 minutes, 6 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Two separate inductions
  • Multiple zombie/sleepwalker scenes
  • Repeats commands and mantras throughout the entire video
  • Turned into a chicken and a frog
  • Turned into a fembot
  • Foot rubbing scene
  • Made to do squats and toe-touches
  • Made to fall on her knees and worship her master
  • Freezing and posing
  • Eye fluttering
  • Dirty sex talk
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Standard Quality Version
WMV Format
720 x 480
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