Girls Gone Hypnotized

Wife Training

Jennifer's husband has hired a marriage counselor to train her how to be a good and attentive wife. He comes to their house one morning when her husband is at work and hypnotizes Jennifer with a necklace. Jennifer is trained how to be a loving wife who recognizes that her place is in the kitchen. She is shown how to please her husband sexually, after practicing with the therapist first.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Jennifer is hypnotized when the therapist swings a necklace in front of her eyes.
  • While in a trance, she is made to acknowledge that she will now be an attentive wife, and will cook and clean for her husband.
  • Programmed to give her husband sex whenever he wants it.
  • When she is brought out of trance, she begins cleaning immediately and talking about how much she likes taking care of the home.
  • Made to sleepwalk through the room and chant mantras about being a good housewife.
  • Made to let her hair down and strip to her bra and panties. Must perform a sexy dance for the therapist as she repeats back mantras about being an obedient wife.
  • Must move her body as if she is riding on her husband's cock. Trained to please him sexually.
  • Made to strip nude and fuck her therapist as practice for her husband. (simulated - no real sex or male nudity)
  • Full nude.
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