Girls Gone Hypnotized

Work Trip Trance

Scarlett is on a work trip with a male coworker, and to save money, the company has put them in a room together. She makes it clear to him that she isn't interested in anything sexual with him, but after he hypnotizes her with a video on his phone, Scarlett is down for anything he suggests.

Full Download Details:
12 minutes, 15 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a spiral phone app (held out of frame). 3 times. Visual and sound effect while being hypnotized.
  • Answers "yes, master".
  • While in a trance, Scarlett is pushed face down and ass up on the bed. She chants her mantras.
  • Tits and ass are groped while mindless.
  • Walks like a zombie while chanting mantras.
  • Lays on the bed in a trance while being felt up. Scarlett mindlessly chants her mantras.
  • Dress pulled up to expose her panties.
  • Arms raised up like a zombie while laying on the bed.
  • Commanded to fuck her master while riding on top, in a trance. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)
  • No nudity.
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Work Trip TranceWork Trip TranceWork Trip TranceWork Trip TranceWork Trip TranceWork Trip TranceWork Trip TranceWork Trip Trance

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