Girls Gone Hypnotized

Zoey Will Obey

Zoey answers a knock at the door to find a man claiming to sell hypnosis books. She quickly dismisses it as a scam and goes to shut the door, but the man stops her. He decides to show her just how well his hypnosis actually works, and puts her into a trance with a pocket watch. Zoey's mind is now his to command. He proves just how much she now belongs to him, by making her knock herself out by hitting herself over the head repeatedly. Zoey tries multiple times to get rid of the unwanted guest, but she always ends up back in a trance and under his control.

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18 minutes, 24 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Goes into a trance after being shown a swinging pocket watch
  • Stands in a daze and repeats back her instructions
  • Handed a club and is made to knock herself out with it
  • Eyes roll up and she staggers around before passing out
  • Limp and manipulated while unconscious
  • Knocked out with a finger snap
  • Wakes up, not remembering what happened or being hypnotized
  • Instantly goes into a trance and begins sleepwalking when her master snaps his fingers
  • Knocks herself unconscious for a second time
  • Wakes up angry, but immediately goes into a trance at the snap of his fingers
  • Sits on the couch in a daze and repeats back his commands
  • Handed the bat while in a trance and knocks herself out for a third time
  • Wakes up angry and confused. When she is told that she is hypnotized, she grabs the watch and tries to hypnotize the intruder, only to accidentally put herself back into trance instead.
  • Repeats her commands while focusing on the swinging watch
  • Knocks herself out a fourth time
  • Made to change into a bikini, stands posed in a salute
  • Brought out of trance to see that she is now wearing a bikini, then made to knock herself out a fifth time
  • Wakes up angry, but put back into hypnosis and made to sleepwalk in circles while repeating her mantra
  • Knocked out by the hypnotist with a finger snap
  • Focuses on the swinging pocket watch as she receives her final commands
  • Barefoot - brief foot play
  • No nudity
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